Open the first account that uses fully regulated money on blockchain

Ourion is a demo application of ioCash that allows its users to operate with fully regulated money on blockchain. Thanks to its technology, our users have an account with an associated IBAN and Ethereum address so that all operations are reflected in both the traditional banking system and blockchain.

If you want to know more about how Ourion works and how it integrates with ioCash APIs and smart contracts, check this article

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Operate natively on blockchain

Use Ourion as any other mobile wallet. Top up your account with a credit card or a bank transfer and start sending money through the blockchain.

You can operate and visualize your account balance from the app or metamask, as with any other Ethereum address.

All your transactions registered on blockchain

All your operations take place on blockchain and have a unique transaction ID associated.

You can check your transactions on the BlockExplorer at any time.

Pantallazo de la aplicación Eurion

Ethereum based, ERC20 token standard

Ourion uses an enhanced ERC-20 token standard called EM-token that includes advanced features such as governance and regulation compliance, enabling the issuance of regulated money on the blockchain.

Your money is always safe

Contrary to other blockchain wallets, in Ourion if you lose your private key, you can associate your account to a new ethereum address after validating your identity. This way, your funds are always safe.

Start now using real money on blockchain

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